British justice, the envy of the world? Not for much longer.

Hello my solitary reader,

I wrote a new Blasting News article about the controversy surrounding the shocking case of Liam Allen and yet another failing of the British police system. In addition to this I have commented on the shameful treatment of the late Bishop George Bell of Chichester, a man who would be a hero if not for the allegation (yes, there’s only one) made against him. It would be improper to comment on his guilt or otherwise, but the Church of England has behaved woefully and trampled over the presumption of innocence. Lord Carlisle QC, the author of the report, even argued that the CPS would be unable to take it to court and he, if prosecuting would have lost, which is as close as we will get to Bell being cleared. The dreadful Alison Saunders (dreadful at her job, as I’m sure she’s a perfectly amiable person) is overseeing the death of justice in Britain, we must act. Crime stats are not supposed to be viewed in the same way as sales figures, but this is the approach being taken. Make of it what you will and I’d be grateful for a response.

British justice, the envy of the world? Not for much longer

Thanks for reading.

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